This is what needs to happen to make the giants a playoff contenter.The o line needs new blood.Bass,david d. and snee are finished.When those guys were out of the line up 2 sacks and when they were in, Manning got sacked 8 or 9 times.Line should look like this,justin p.at tackle brewer at guard booth at center and beatty on the other tackle.Nicks cant show you anything in a contract year.Switch spots with Randle.At least he is beating people off the line.Letting Bennet go was a bad move.Myers has good hands but not fast enough.Get a real tight end next year.Giants will have a tone of money not resigning nicks,  ,webster,kiwi,.take that money get a franchise middle linebacker and left tackle and move beatty to guard.Draft a shut down corner.Webster is done also.As far as Manning goes,bring in someone who will be a threat to eli.Having the most turnovers in the league in your tenth year is  bad.In the locker room the old vets hear tom talking but i think his words can only be heard by the young guys.The vets arent responding anymore.Tom get rid of the old vets or the giants are going to get rid of you.Your a great coach and the old vets are bringing you down.Tuck is right,Tom is a great coach and Reese needs to bring in more talent.where is d moore,work this kid in .Keep your head up Gmen,this is going to get better.